Qualities of a Captain

  • Hard working
    • In conditioning, stickwork, and every drill
    • Puts 100% into games & practice
    • Does work outside of mandatory practices to be the best they can be
  • Respectful
    • Does not talk back to coaches or officials
    • Does not point out the failures or errors of teammates
  • Competitive
    • Works hard to help the team reach postseason play
    • Pushes other teammates to work hard
  • Positive
    • Lifts the team up
    • Does not give up or get down during hard games
    • Encourages teammates when they make mistakes
    • Congratulates players on great plays, saves, goals, etc in games and practices
  • Punctual
    • Ready to play five minutes before the start of practice or game warmups
  • Committed
    • Takes advantage of opportunities to get better
    • Communicates with coaches on how to improve themselves and the team
    • Guides teammates to help them become better players for the team
  • Ability to manage failure
    • Learns from mistakes
    • Uses losses as motivation to work harder
    • Does not get angry during games when the other team scores, has great plays etc.
    • Doesn’t promote a culture of negativity during practices or games
  • Focused
    • Does not goof off during drills
    • Helps to keep the rest of the team focused and engaged in drills
  • Dependable
    • Comes to practices, games, extra activities
    • Teammates can trust the individual to make good choices on and off the field
  • Approachable
    • Does not talk down to any player
    • All teammates can feel comfortable asking the individual questions, for guidance, on and off the field



College Recruiting

Big Future – Want help finding a D2 college in rural Kentucky that offers basket weaving as a major..   Big Future lets you narrow down your selection by filling in what you want out of schools.

NCAA Eligibility Center (Used to be called Clearing House)  if you want to play D1 or 2 you have to register with the clearing house.

2014-2015 IWCLA Coaches Directory

2014-2015 Student Bound Athlete

What are college coaches looking for?

E-town Resources

Boys Lax Site

E-town athletic Department

US Lacrosse

US Lacrosse

US Lacrosse Rules

US Lacrosse for Parents

US Lacrosse for Players

US Lacrosse on Youtube

Club Teams

Lanco Elite

Xtreme Lacrosse


NCAA Eligibility Center

Advance Stick Work (University of Maryland)

Positive Coaching Alliance  For Parents

Positive Coaching Alliance For Players

Difference Between Boy’s and Girls Game



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