Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • When are the sports physical papers due?
    • February 17th to the athletic office.


  • What color “Cold Gear” can my daughter wear under her uniform?
    • Due to changes in rules, girls must wear the same, plain color long-sleeve as the color of their uniform.  Therefore, if you would like to purchase Under Armor, Nike, or any other sort of long-sleeve “cold gear” shirt for your daughter to wear under the uniform, it will have to be either plain Royal Blue for away games and plain White for home games.


  • What items must I buy for my daughter’s uniform?
    • The “Custom Crew Black Socks” that are available for purchase from the Kelly Sports Spirit Wear order.  If your daughter has played in the past, she may already have these socks.
    • The team “LAX Reversible Practice Jersey” (reversible pinnie) available on the Kelly Sports Spirit Wear order.
    • Finally, your daughter will need a molded mouth guard (see below) and goggles (see below).


  • What are the restrictions on mouth guards?
    • This year students cannot have white or clear mouth guards.  There also can’t be any designs, fangs, etc on the mouth guards…it needs to be a solid color.  On February 7th at 6:00pm, the girls will have an opportunity to get their mouth guards molded at the high school.  


  • What time does my daughter need to be at school in order to still participate in practices and/or games?
    • Students need to be checked into the office by 8:30.


  • What if my daughter is failing classes?
    • Your daughter has to be passing 3 credits to be considered eligible.   


  • What are some of the locations mentioned by coaches?
    • Bat Cave: pick-up/drop-off behind Daubert Gym (right before bus loop)
    • Junior Lot: new parking lot next to stadium