Glax- update

What an amazing evening! Thank you again for everyone’s help tonight! The balloon display was great an always makes it more of an event!

Girls lacrosse collected an amazing $200 for Ephrata’s lacrosse player who was injured during a car accident. Friends will add $50 making our contribution $250 to help Brandon and his family cover the cost of his recovery.  Thank you for such genrousity!





This Wednesday we will celebrate the end of year/seniors at our banquet!

Doors open at 5:30pm with the evening beginning st 6pm.

The Susquehanna Room is located at Etown College, 500 Cedar St.

We are excited to see everyone! 💙🐻


Glax- Picture

Does anyone have the team Glax picture from 2016? If you do, can you please respond here and add the  picture or email it to


Thank you it would be greatly appreciated!



Glax-News and Updates

As  finish out my final days with Friends of Girls Lacrosse I would like to thank all our parents for their volunteerism. Thank you to all that helped throughout the season and I would like to give a special shout out to a few parents that went above and beyond to help make this season and past ones successful!

Randy Thomas, who will be leaving after three years of being our treasurer!  Thank you for always excepting checks and money during games, team meals and whenever we ran up to you to hand something in! Thanks for filming so many of the games for coach! You are the best and glax will miss you!

Shelby Esoldo, you took on many challenges with ease. Shirt sale orders, special events, concession, you did it all! Thank you for assisting me so much this season.

Tony Giulivo, thank you for being our concession organizer.  There’s nothing better than having a concession, it’s makes a game more of an event!

Mel Doll and Melissa McConnell, you are the silent leaders and always put the program first. Thank you for giving so much of your time to concession and senior events and the players!

Pam Bucher, Randy, Mark Weissend, Dean Altimore, Wendy Giulivo and Kelly Kent, thank you for making our program a better one! Volunteering your time, giving donations or helping with needed duties made glax better!

To the parents that made or donated speciality foods, signed up for baked goods, worked and gave extra time at concession, helped with balloons, cupcakes and everything in between, thank you for all the work you put in to make 2017 a success for our players and coaching staff!

To Mat, Ron and Jess, it’s been a pleasure to work with you! The girls lacrosse team is lucky to have a group of coaches that give so much of their time and are committed to our players!

Special Note – Friends of Glax will hold a meeting later in May to vote in new officers and close out the season.  Time and location will be posted at a later date.

FINAL NOTICE-If you did not hand in your banquet RSVP and money you must do so by tomorrow to Erin Thomas.



Thank you to everyone that helped make tonight so special for our seniors! From the balloons, cupcakes, senior signs, flowers and senior t-shirts, really gave the five a special send off!

Thank you to so many that helped with concession tonight and to those that donated special food items. We appreciate all that you do for our players and program at Etown!💙🐻🥅🎓