Shelby’s Email Hacked!!

We learned today that Shelby’s email was hacked and a very specific email was sent out to some of us. Shelby is at work and asked me to let you all know. Please delete and DO NOT purchase gift cards or reply to the email. Here is the email:
“Are you Available? Can you kindly handle this for me, The Friends of Girls Lacrosse needs some gift cards for donation, Confirm if you can get some today? kindly make arrangement on how to get 5 qty of Amazon gift cards in $100 denomination each Total $500.You will be reimbursed. Kindly let me know if you can get this done?”

June GLAX Meeting Cancelled

We have decided there is not much to review as the season came to a close. Let’s take the month to enjoy the break and regroup in July for our next meeting. See you at Babbos on July 15th.