Jacket Campaign


The Coaches and Players have been busy preparing fortheir up and coming season with summer club play, open field nights, weight room trainings, and goalie specific training.  During these times they have expressed a desire to have nice warm weather resistant jackets, which after the season they had last year we would like to make this a reality.  In order to help them with this idea we are launching a campaign where family and friends will be able to support the GLAX Program.  Below is a sample of a jacket we have in mind.  Each jacket will run between $100-$110, which would be a total purchase of roughly $4000-$4500, so the campaign would be used to fund this purchase.

Lax Jacket 2019

This is a very easy campaign and the only support that we need from parents at this time is for you to sit down with your player and discuss which family and friends would love to support your player and the GLAX program.  We are asking each girl come up with 20 emails.  Please use this attached link for the form, participant_instructions Elizabethtown Area HS Girls Lacrosse and just fill out the top sections where you need to add names, emails, cell #s, and relationship to player.  DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE NEXT STEP, Coach B will be handling that.  We are then asking that each player submit their form to Coach B no later than Tuesday Nov. 6th during weight room training or by emailing her at cheyenne_benson@etownschools.org.  If you are unable to get the form to Coach B they may give it to one of the following lax players, Jaide Epler, Cyrose Conteh, Sami Shutt, Jillian Molloy, or Kadey Kreider.

Any questions about this campaign, please contact Coach B at cheyenne_benson@etownschools.org.

Thank you all for your support and We are looking forward to a fantastic season!!