Nook Winter League Schedule

Our winter league schedule is live!!

Etown Winter League Schedule

The Nook grants each team warm up time 30 minutes before each game begins. This space will be inside the main building of the Nook. If coming in through the front, head through the main doors and straight back to the futsal fields and batting cages. If entering through the doors near the dome, warmup spot will be directly on your right. We will be able to walk through the back doors to the dome when it is time to play. I ask that you be there 40 minutes before our scheduled time (11:40 game –> report BY 11:00 to warmup space) so we are ready to use our warmup time and get to the dome before the game begins.

We will be allowed to park by the dome. Each player will receive 2 parking passes for the season; guests may request passes at the main desk by mentioning our team name. However, passes do not allow you to park in member parking.

Finally, we’ll be using the NFHS rule changes for 2019…including self restart on fouls. For all of the rule changes, head here: 2019 NFHS Rule Changes

If you have any questions, please let me know. If you know in advance you cannot make a game, send me an email or text ASAP. Anything last minute, let me know before game time.

Looking forward to a great winter season with you all!