Summer Goalie Clinic

During the week of July 30th thru Aug. 3rd, Coach Ron held a summer goalie clinic which flew like the birds!  Coach Ron had 7 players in attendance for the week, which included 5 from Etown, Joseph (EBLAX), Corrie and Jordan (EGLAX), Amie (MS EGLAX), Chas (EBLAX 5th&6th).  They had a fun filled week of instruction and drills ranging from beginners to advance, everyone walked away with some new knowledge and skill that we should all be on the look out for in the spring season!

A special THANK YOU  to Coach Ron for going above and beyond to schedule these goalie clinics and striving to continuely grow the Etown Lacrosse Program.

We would also like to thank all of Coach Ron’s helpers, Charlie Alessi (Etown Boys Alumni), Sawyer Smith (EBLAX), Mat Ealy (EGLAX parent), and Eric Peifer (Hempfield GLAX).  And if there was anyone else that I may have missed, Thank you, Thank you!

Be on the look out for more goalie clinics to follow!!