Week of 5/14

Hey all,

I’ll be holding a meeting at 2:45 on Tuesday (5/15) in room 1150 to discuss off-season workouts and open gym options with the girls to start prep for next season. I’d love to see everyone who is planning on playing next season in attendance. I don’t expect it to run longer than 30 minutes once all of the girls arrive, so they can plan to be picked up around 3:30.

Uniform turn in and shed cleanup will be on Wednesday (5/16) at 3pm. Girls must be there to turn in jerseys, kilts, warmup jacket/pants and black shirt (from the school – NOT the “I’ve got your back” shirt. Girls should know which one) they all received. We’ll then head over to the field to do our part to clean up our shed from the season. Girls can plan on leaving from the field around 3:45 and head home to get ready for the banquet.

Thanks so much everyone for a great season. Looking forward to celebrating these girls and their accomplishments as a team together Wednesday evening!