Araella Bornmann

Etown Lax Community,

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I report to you that Araella Bornmann passed peacefully this weekend. Rae was a member of our lacrosse community from the very beginning of the program. One of our trail blazers. An absolute joy to coach. She has lived a lifetime since her diagnosis and grew so much in faith during that time. Her strength inspired me, as I hope it does you. Although I am saddened, Rae’s faith made her strong, and her parents are certain she is prepared for her greatest journey. They will need your prayers to help them.

Services celebrating Rae’s life will be released shortly. The family plans to wait until her college classmates at Waynesburg University finish their semester.

Stay strong. Hug your friends. #RaeStrong

Jeffrey P. Marsico