My Cup Runneth Over


Everyone’s continued support over the last 2 days is uplifting!  All my parent voulnteers make my job extremely easy!

Traci Baker, Kirstin Mink, Nikki Adams, Melissa McConnell, Cindy Kreider, Beth Molloy, and Pam Bucher thank you for your generous food donations for the Concession stand on Friday and Saturday.

Thank you to the Dehmey family, Baker family, Adams family, Hohenwarter family, Pirozzi family, Burwell(Perry) family, Molloy family, and Kreider family for working in the Concession stand Friday and Saturday.

And if everyone could take a moment to give a special Thank you to Melissa McConnell and Melissa Doll for their special magic they are working in the Concession stand!! On Friday and Saturday alone they have raised another $450.  Congrats ladies!