R&K Subs and Pretzel Sandwiches Fundraiser-Big E Booster Club

Good evening everyone,

This evening after the game your daughter was given a R&K Sub/Pretzel Sandwich fundraiser form for the Big E Booster Club.  This is a mandatory fundraiser that helps support both the Big E Booster Club and the Girls Lacrosse Team.  We are asking that every player try to sell some.  The sale begins today and runs through April 16th with all orders and money due to Kirstin or Hannah(player) Mink on April 16th. When you turn in your orders please make sure to have all the STARRED areas filled out on all forms. All checks should be made out to Big E Booster Club, and they are asking only one check per player please. Pick up date will be May 3rd at 4:30pm in the high school cafeteria.

Below is a link to the forms if you did not receive one from your daughter or need extra! Have fun selling!!

Any questions can be directed to Kirstin Mink at etownminks@comcast.net.

Spring BigE R&K 2018