Opening Season Pasta Dinner Reminder

Every year the Girls Lacrosse Team has an Opening Season Pasta Dinner.  It is a way to get to meet the girls, the coaches, your fellow parents, and for us to take care of some preseason business.

This year the mandatory dinner will take place on March 12th at 6:30pm in the school cafeteria.  In order to make this a success below is a link to a sign up sheet.  This sign up sheet includes items needed and an rsvp column.  We are also asking that at least one parent attend the dinner.  Please sign up no later than Friday March 9, 2018.

One preseason piece of business that we would like to share, before the pasta dinner, is about one of our biggest fundraisers which is the concession stand.  As in years past, to help get the stand up and running, we are asking each player donate $10.  If you have more than one player on the team the first player will be $10 and each additional player will be $5. This donation will be collected at the Pasta Dinner, please see Melissa McConnell.

Any questions please feel free to contact Shelby Esoldo,