Preseason Optional Team Event Scheduled for March 3rd

The 2018 coaching staff would like to invite all girls lacrosse players to join them at the Millersville women’s lacrosse game on March 3rd. The game is at 1pm against the Notre Dame College Falcons at Chryst Field, Biemsderfer Stadium and is free to attend. Players may meet us at the complex or transportation will be provided. For those needing transportation we are asking everyone to meet in the junior parking lot at 11:30am.  School vans driven by the coaching staff and parent volunteers will be leaving Elizabethtown High School at 11:45am sharp. After the game, the Friends of GLAX will be purchasing pizza and drinks for the players at an on campus eatery.  Return time is TBA, we will have players text parents when leaving Millersville. This is a great opportunity for all players to experience a lacrosse game on the collegiate level and cheer on Etown GLAX alumni Sarah Leverentz (’16)!
All players planning to attend must inform coaching staff at the players meeting on Feb. 28th and bring a note signed by a parent/guardian granting permission to attend the game and to be transported by the Etown coaching staff/parent volunteer (if not providing own transportation).
We may also need parents to volunteer to transport students in their personal vans/SUVs from Etown High School to Millersville on March 3rd depending on the number of players attending the game. Once we have a roster/permission slips, we will inform volunteers if their driving services will be needed. Thanks in advance!
Looking forward to a great preseason outing with the team!

3 thoughts on “Preseason Optional Team Event Scheduled for March 3rd

  1. Hi Shelby!
    This sounds great. I am going to check to see if Angelina wants to go. Unfortunately, Gabi cannot attend as she has call-backs.


  2. Hi there,
    My calendar which is in sync with your schedule says there is weightlifting tomorrow from 6:30-8pm but on the GLAX website it says 7:30-9pm and the meeting on my synced up calendar says it’s from 2:45-3:45 but on the Glax site it says 3:45-4:45pm. Which is it, please?


    • Hi Michele,
      There is a weight training tomorrow from 6:30-8pm and the player meeting is right after school at 2:45-3:45pm. Sorry for the mix up! I have a parent volunteer that keeps the calendar for me but she was away over the weekend so it didn’t get updated right away. Thanks for reaching out!


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