Fair Parking Volunteers

The Etown Fair starts this coming Monday August 21st.  Here is a list of those that have signed up to assist with parking at East High and Bear Creek.

East High — August 22nd — 6:15-7:45 — Shelby & Kiara Esoldo, Jackie & Abbey Dehmey,                                                                             Katie & Morgan Miller Amick

7:45-9:15 — Jessica & Mallory Zerphey, Randy & Kadey Kreider,                                                                      Bianca & Gabi Hemsch

Bear Creek — August 23rd — 6:15-7:45 — Kelly & Kayla Kent, Traci & Corrie Baker

7:45-9:15 — Wendy, Tony, & Morgan Giulivo, Mark Weissand

Please make sure to arrive about 5 minutes early for your shift. Also if you have any Girls Lax apparel please wear that so we can represent our girls with pride!!

A huge THANK YOU to all that volunteered with this first fundraising event for the Girls Lax program.  If you missed out helping this time there will be many other opportunities to help so please be on the lookout!