Fundraising Opportunities with Big E Booster Club

Big E and the athletic teams has the opportunity to raise additional funds for the sports programs through a cooperative agreement with Lancaster Newspapers. Big E has been presented two great fundraising opportunities as we head into the fall sports season.  With the purchase of the Advocate by Steinman Publications, also owner of LNP, the publishers have increased their efforts to improve their coverage of our local sports.  You may have noticed this improvement already.  We look forward to working with them to highlight our talented athletes.

Opportunity #1 at the Etown Fair: This is similar to what I had posted early in the summer that got cancelled. 

This fundraiser is for Students and Parents to help provide coverage to the LNP booth during fair week. Each time slot needs to be filled by 2 people. For every hour covered, per person, LNP will donate $10 to Big E.  For every new subscription sold they will donate an additional $5 to the club.  Teams that participate will receive half of the money donated per person/ per hour for their team.  Teams are not restricted in the number of slots they can sign up for.    In addition to our 2 volunteers a LNP employee will be present to supervise the booth.   It is important when signing up that your player or parent provides a contact phone number in case they need to be reached to be reminded of their time slot. We will give the sports teams first pick of the slots until August 6th.

The link to sign up for your time slots is: /10c0949a4aa2ca1fa7-bigelnp

Opportunity #2 Elizabethtown Advocate and LNP subscription drive:

This fundraiser benefits the Big E General Fund starting immediately. For every new subscription to the Elizabethtown Advocate, which costs $20 for a year,  Big E will receive $10.  For new subscribers to the Sunday News the deal is a 13 week subscription to the Sunday News and you also receive 1 year of the Advocate for only $13.  Not only is this a great price for the new customer, Big E also receives $10 for this new subscription! This fundraiser will be in effect through the end of September.

In order for LNP to credit Big E booster club, new subscribers MUST enter the discount code: “Big-E”. This is a 0% discount, so the price won’t change, but it’s the way they will track the number of orders sold so that Big E gets the correct payment. If someone orders a subscription and does not enter the discount code of “Big-E”, spelled exactly that way with the hyphen, Big E wont get credit.

LNP will be able to track which sport team has acquired the new subscriptions.  The way to do this will be for the teams to have their new subscriber list that team’s sport (ie “Swimming”,  “Girl’s Soccer”, etc) in the section titled “Special instructions for seller” in the links previously provided. You can also keep track of the names of people you signed up as a double measure if you wish.

LNP will provide Big E with this information at the end of the promotion (September 30th).  That is when Big E will receive payment and will be able to give teams credit for half of the sale, $5 per subscription.

Here are the two links for the subscription sales effort:

·        https://shop.lancaste elizabethtown-advocate

The Elizabethtown Advocate is dedicated to serving Elizabethtown, Mt. Joy and surrounding areas. Published weekly, The Elizabethtown Advocate provides investiga


·        https://shop.lancaste lnp-13

New and Returning subscribers get a 13 week subscription to SUNDAY LNP for only $13, including FREE home delivery, Sunday magazine, Coupons and more!


If anyone has questions please contact Amy McEvoy at (717)468-7730 or