Senior Night Game FYI **Update**

Due to the impending “storm of the century” schools have been trying to get Friday’s games in tonight.

As of 8:00 we are unable to track down officials to move the game to today. There is currently discussions on trying to keep finding an official and make the call later in the day or to wait and see what the weather holds for us tomorrow and if need be kick the game back to next week. The logistics of moving the game effects both boys & girls teams from Elizabethtown and Garden Spot, the officials and bus companies so it’s a lot of moving parts.

You now know as much as I do at this point. Keep an eye on the web site as more information come out.

** Update 9:30**

The boys game has been moved to tonight at Garden Spot. We still do not have officials for the girl’s game.

**Update 12:00**

Still no word from the school at this point I am going to go with plan to play the game tomorrow. Fingers crossed this storm isn’t around in the afternoon. Practice tonight 4:30-6:30. It’s our captains practice.