Post meeting info

For Parents

Sign Up Sheet for Parents to volunteer 

To get coaches your contact info

A couple things I missed


For the Girls

To get coaches your contact info

Sign up for Towson game here.

Team building training information. 

To order spirit wear go here, reminder the pinies and socks are mandatory. (if you have a pinnie from last year you don’t need a new one)

  • We have added the number 33 to the socks for this year. If you have socks form last year you don’t have to update to the new ones. This is a small shout out to Rae who wore number 33 for us.

For the Varsity Kit order form

Reminder of the captain nomination process.

  • First review Qualities of a captain.
  • Thinking about those qualities nominate a teammate you think fulfills those qualities by February 4th.
  • Nominees will be notified by February 5th, they may except or decline the nomination.
  • By February 7th you will receive a survey requiring information as to your choices for captains.
    • Nominees will be sent another survey asking for why they think they would make a good captain
  • Surveys due February 18th.