Schedule Week of Jan 16th

Happy finals week and good luck.

Monday Weight room 6:30-8:00 (enter via the bat cave)

Tuesday Open Gym 6:30-8:00

Wednesday Yoga 7:30-9:00 (Etown fitness center)

Thursday Open Gym 6:30-8:00

Friday Weight room 6:30-8:00


One thought on “Schedule Week of Jan 16th

  1. I’m a bit confused. Are the open gyms from 6pm-8pm as stated on the Google glax calendar or are they 6:30- 8 as stated in the email. Last wk I was told yoga ended at 8:45 & not 9 as stated on the calendar & my kid had to wait for a ride. Please clarify which we are to follow: the calendar or the email. As I stated, thus is very confusing to me. Thank you! ________________________________


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